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Weekly Goals


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It can be helpful and calming for children and parents to have a predictable weekly and daily routine. Start by sketching out a typical week. What is the cleaning day, or shopping day? When does your day begin? When do you and your children normally rise in the morning, eat meals, and go to sleep at night? With household and family routines and the less flexible activities in place in your schedule (even tentatively), the next step is to make regular time for homeschooling planning. Homeschooling parents prepare their academic plan yearly, monthly and weekly. If you are homeschooling only temporarily, it probably has to be in collaboration with teachers and school schedule. It is very important to include your child in the process. Set aside a dedicated time each day to look over your homeschooling materials and curriculum and figure out what needs to be accomplished in that particular day and in the coming days of a week.
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