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My Learning Journal. 2 in 1 for Preteens and Teens!


DIY Print Kit, PDF download, suitable for printing on A5 and A4 size paper.
Make sure your printer is set to print double-sided pages.
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This learning journal template has been produced by Olimpia Mesa as part of the How People Learn Project. A learning journal is a collection of notes, observations, thoughts and other relevant materials built-up over a period of time. It encourages thinking through issues, asking questions and seeking out relevant information to aid understanding and practice. It will help your child become a reflective learner.

Reflective learners are more likely to develop a deeper understanding of their subject and to achieve higher grades as a result. Reflective learners tend to:

Be motivated, know what they are trying to achieve and why.
Be pro-active in extending their understanding of new topics and subjects.
Use their existing knowledge to help them to develop their understanding of new ideas.
Understand new concepts by relating them to their previous experiences.
Understand that additional research and reading widely will improve their understanding.
Develop their learning and thinking by building on the critical evaluation of their previous learning experiences.
Be self-aware and able to identify, explain and address their own strengths and weaknesses.