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The power of illustrations and the stories they tell

Pictures are as evocative to me as smells. How is it for you?

The more we understand how the brain creates meaning, the better we can communicate, and, I think, the better we can collaborate with each other to create meaningful learning products.

Irina Neacsu is the designer and botanical artist who gave life to the words of the How People Learn book in a way that very few could. When you read the book with your children, you’ll clearly see that the pictures are all related to each other. They are as clear and simple as they can be so the child can tell what is going on and what the emotions are.

I think Irina understood the enormous responsibility we have with this book. To young children, this book is a small door into the enormous world of learning and the brain, and it could be the first tool a young person sees and utilises in this area. Illustrations can be a powerful looking glass into the child’s imagination. It wasn’t an easy feat to execute but I totally trusted her.

Irina’s work includes various projects, ranging from painting and graphics to art teaching, applied art and interior design. In the home and décor sector, she became an international brand, exhibiting at various fairs and design events across Europe. In painting and graphics, her fascination with botanical subjects became the main theme, ranging from classical to abstract styles in various techniques.

For both Irina and I, creating is all about sharing ideas, sharing what we believe in with other people, connecting and learning. Henry David Thoreau said “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” If you look at how we have chosen our favourite illustrations from the book, you’ll understand how each of us relates to the science stories inside.
Enjoy your journey of discovery with the How People Learn book and let us know your favourite illustration!

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